Thursday, August 15, 2013

Like A Movie Scene Coming out of the Silverscreen


1st Shawal will always be remembered quite sombre for the next following years my family and I...that was the day where every Muslims should celebrate with joy and happiness, happy coz all the family members are gathered around to celebrate Hari Raya together, exchange forgiveness and the most exciting event awaits for would be the give away of "duit raya".....

But things are now change for us....I lost my older sister on the eve of Hari Raya...she died on the spot of a tragic accident...she left us with no sign that she was going to leave us was sudden and none of us ever expecting it coming...

As others are happy on the day of Hari family and I witness her for the last time carried by the "van jenazah"to her final destination to rest in that time I feel that  "could this be our greatest test by Allah?"....would us be strong and ready to face the next test?

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